Millennials: Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Door!

Good food is part of a life well lived, sustaining and energizing us and setting the scene for enjoyment with friends and family.

We know that good food is important to Millennials: These young adults of the early 21st century want to eat healthy and care about quality and good taste. We know that you like to cook and you like to go out to eat, but when you don’t have time to spare, you like to nest at home with good food like prepared meals delivered to your door.

Takeout and prepared meals from supermarkets can be convenient, but sometimes you don’t have time or energy to stop on the way home. Does your day ever look like this?

To Do List (with revisions)
Plan meals for the week  Ha ha
Stop at the market for dinner makings  Don’t feel like cooking any more
Pick up a pizza  Heavy traffic, had to stop for gas; it’s getting late
- Brain flash: I have Savory Fare in the freezer! ✔

Savory Fare dishes can be bought in advance of when you might need them, so you’ll always have a few delicious dishes in your freezer for quick and easy reheating for those days that refuse to go as planned. Add a few fresh dishes like salads for same-day or next-day enjoyment.

Whether you are a discriminating, health-conscious Millennial or a blossoming Perennial of ripe years (see last week’s newsletter!) or somewhere in between, take a look at our Late Winter Menu at You’ll find new and exciting dishes of ethnic origins and vegetarian dishes, along with comfort food favorites. Let Savory Fare help make your life easier by bringing delicious prepared meals delivered to your door. You may place your order online or call Mary at 401-454-4955.

This coming week your orders are due by 💗 Valentine’s Day 💗, Wednesday, February 14, to receive food the following week (delivery days are Tuesday through Friday, Feb. 20-23).

If you miss the Wednesday night deadline but would still like some food next week, contact me; we have many frozen items that are always available.

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