About Us

Hi, I’m Mary Wise Hughes, founder of Savory Fare, where we delight in handcrafting delicious meals that take the work out of eating well in the comfort of your home.

If navigating the grocery store or your kitchen is challenging, remember that Savory Fare has a delicious and nourishing answer for you. When you are worried about how well your parents are eating, we have a simple solution. And what could be more helpful to new parents than ready-made meals that can be quickly reheated? Maybe you are looking for the convenience of effortless, delicious food?

We would love to deliver meals to you or to members of your family that offer just what is needed to relax and relish meal time.

Savory Fare came into being 10 years ago when I began cooking for friends and relatives who did not have enough time to prepare the nutritious meals that they wanted to serve their families. It was a natural step for me, as my degree and early work both were in foods and nutrition.

With Rosa Munoz, my associate for over nine years, we prepare the meals we offer you at Hope and Main, Rhode Island's first culinary business incubator. Each dish is prepared from scratch with high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally when possible and with attention to the details of fine food preparation.

Good food is part of a life well lived. Enjoy the convenience of effortless, nutritious, and tasty preparations today!