Savoring Our Fare

“Food has been a problem for me for years until I was introduced to Savory Fare. When you compare the dinners Savory Fare makes to frozen dinners and supermarkets, there’s no comparison. It’s almost like I cooked it myself.” - John O.


 "I LOVE SAVORY FARE!!! The dishes I order were superb! Here is what I like about the overall program:

1) Dishes are heathy, very tasty, and not at all salty; a lot of the deliver-to-your-door pre-cooked meals I've tried are loaded with salt and I really enjoy dishes where the flavors of the food come through on their own

2) The convenience of ordering - love that I can order when I need to do so, rather than a subscription that needs to be cancelled on a weekly basis

3) The streamlined packaging - with a cooler left outside my door with cold packs in it, there was only the immediate packaging for the food, no extra boxes or plastic or wasted cold packs. I think this is so much better for our environment overall, it's great and should be one of your selling points :-)

4) The varied menu - love the seasonal approach with core staples that one can order anytime." - Camilla S.


“Savory Fare’s service was so wonderful through Co-vid and the food is so good that they’ve continued ordering. My parents look forward to the deliveries. Because I live an hour away, it is challenging getting food to my elderly parents who live on their own but are not able to cook a lot. This service is really good for my parents. They feel secure knowing that they have a week’s worth of food in the freezer especially in the winter.” - Barbara I.


"Hi, I ordered food for my parents and my daughter and son in law this month. They all have positive feedback. Besides the food being delicious, the delivery was awesome. Thank You everyone involved! I'll be back!" -  Cindy R. 


“Thanks, and all the best to you. I so appreciate the care and comforting meals that you all prepared for my parents and now for my dad, and the friendly, personal touch that we've always received.” - Sara L. 


"We loved everything that you made for us. The chicken pot pies I had with my sister and her husband—we were in heaven. My son and I had the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, carrots, everything was phenomenal. I appreciate it, and we will be ordering again." – Kristine P. 


"Thank you Savory Fare with all your concern and help in getting a meal to my friend. It was enjoyed. What a great idea. A true help for someone, a prepared meal or many prepared meals, who couldn't use that!!!!! I will definitely be using your services in the future." - Ann G.


"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful food that we ordered. It was heavenly and we enjoyed every bite. The meatballs are just like the way my mother made, and the sauce." - Marilyn M.


"The food has been amazing! Last night we had the chicken pot pie which is a house favorite and we were silent until plates were licked clean! So good!" - Shelby D.


"You've saved us many a time!" - Amy H. 


"I live in Barrington and I am receiving lunches via the East Bay Community Action Program. This past Friday packed at the bottom of the lunch was your absolutely delicious Shells with Broccoli and Capers. It was simple looking but the punch of flavors were great. You could say Savory." - Christina M.


"Keep going and growing your business because people need you." - Kimberly C., occupational therapy practitioner


"Just had the Roast Turkey and Amazing Gravy. Absolutely delicious."👍- Maria V.


"The Italian Lentil Soup was unbelievable! It was so tasty--not salty, just perfect." - Lorraine S.


"It was a pleasure to [be a part of your photography project], especially because we love your food so much! (You can put that in as an endorsement.) I was going to write you and let you know how much we are enjoying the meals you left with us. Chicken piccata tonight. Yum!" - Carol T.


"Thank you so much for starting this business it’s a great thing you’re doing." - Brittany A.


"Thank you... I am enjoying this treat!" - Erin E., recipient of gift certificate


"My wife and I are upgrading Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie from very good to excellent! We enjoyed it even more the second time we ordered it." - Brian W.


"Many thanks for all the good meals and good cheer." - Carol T.


"The meals are perfectly portioned, they are delicious, and they're perfect for someone who lives alone or with a caregiver, like my mother, who isn't able to cook anymore. We love the choices: the chicken, the little meatloaves, and the vegetable dishes." - Stephanie B.


"We found the Mushroom Barley Soup an ecstatic experience! - it was wonderful, and my husband doesn't even like mushrooms!" - Pat F.


“You’ve got a great product. It’s been a lifesaver for me because I have trouble standing in the kitchen. I can’t do food prep.” - Timothy G. 


“I am happy to have found you as I feel like I am eating a homemade meal.” - Helen C.


"What Mary Hughes does is so wonderful because I have a severe case of arthritis and a back problem, and it’s just a blessing because it’s difficult walking back and forth in the kitchen. It’s a great reward for us [seniors].” - Arlene D.


"I am so glad that a friend told me about Savory Fare! It has been instrumental in my recovery from recent surgery, as I have been able to eat delicious and nutritious meals. The quality of the menu selection and of the ingredients is superb; and the ease of having the food home delivered with simple heating up instructions is very helpful. I am so grateful to Mary for providing this invaluable service, and for doing it so well!" - Elizabeth H.


"I am so impressed with Savory Fare and the excellent, healthful and thoughtful seasonal recipes you prepare for your clients. I shall be dropping in to the monthly events [Meet Your Maker at Hope & Main] and can perhaps pick up some of my favorite items, e.g. Mini Meat Loaves!" - Shirley R.


“Many thanks for coming into our lives and adapting to our peculiar needs. Life has been enormously simplified since you have.” - Helaine S.


“Because of my various disabilities, I can’t use my hands very well and I can’t balance in the kitchen very well. I can’t lift pans, so I don’t cook much. So I was eating prepared meals from various delis or from the market, the frozen foods, and I wasn’t enjoying it. It [ordering from Savory Fare] helped me because I don’t have to worry about food much except to put things into a microwave. It’s been working out wonderfully. I enjoy you [Mary] and I enjoy the food. I enjoy how easy it is and that I don’t have to worry.” - Kay D.


“I had one of your meals this evening, the chicken with garlic. I just have to write and tell you how great it was. I had to get up every last drop with a spoon!! I was surprised how good it was even though I had to defrost it in the microwave first and then heated it up in the oven. We also tried the vegetable pot pie, which was to die for.” - Amy J.


“Yummy! The shepherd’s pie was delish.” - Debbie T.


Dinner was perfect! We had such a warm lovely celebration. It was great to be at home. The menu was spot on and delicious—every single item. You and Rosa quietly did your work amidst the chaos. Everyone was thrilled with the food (and service). It's SO special to have you and your loving care and delicious food for special family gatherings.” - Mary Jo K.


“My first Savory Fare experience arrived as a gift from my thoughtful sister who knew how busy I was. It was wonderful to come home from work on a Friday and have a delicious dinner appear at my house! We enjoyed it so much that I continued to order on my own.” - Annette J.